Just wanted to thank you for the delivery late Friday. You made our weekend…two care packages! Thank you for the fast delivery from Miami and the exceptional customer service on this end!

Deb Jenkins


I have been using Dip for almost five years. In all that time not a single package has been lost or damaged.


My point of contact is Samaria and all through the pandemic she has kept me informed when packages are received. Even during this time,all shipments have been on schedule. I can almost set a clock to it 😁. I really like the feature of tracking shipments. Thank you so very much Samaria and everyone at Dip for such great service!

Carol Real


Hi. Absolutely. 😊⛵⛵

Bill and I sincerely appreciate everything you and your crew are doing for us. You all are amazing! Even in these difficult times, you are extremely friendly, providing  wonderful customer service and super professional.😊


William & JoAnne Harris 


To all the DIP family,

We just got a delivery here on Roatan with some much needed medication and important documents. Of course it had some other not so important things also but we were looking forward to them nonetheless.
We want to thank you for trying so hard to keep our shipments flowing during this difficult time.
We also hope that all of you are healthy and will remain so.

All our best.

Terrance R. Rolinger



My wife and I are preparing to move into our new house that is almost complete. We asked around for recommendations on the best company to ship items that we need for the house. Dip Shipping was the recommendation from everyone. We now know why. The team is very efficient and thorough in taking care to make sure every item is handled properly and they track everything carefully. Joni has provided amazing support in answering all of my questions quickly and has assisted me with every aspect of the shipping process. Joni is one of the top service providers I have ever worked with. Thank you Joni!!!

I strongly recommend Dip and will continue to use them for all of my shipping needs.

Thank you Joni and team!!

Wes Cummings

West Bay, Roatan

Buenos Dias Maria! I was down last week to drop some boxes off for Roatan. I wanted to let you know how excellent Robert is. He greeted me with a smile, was very happy to help, got my boxes addressed and processed my payment. Overall he made my day! Guys like Robert are an asset to Dip Shipping!! 


Brian Steers

A very special thanks to you Maria and Marcella for your work in making this journey happen for Julie and I. 

We are both very happy with your company and the employees with the services that you provided. 

The personal contact approach is the key to your success. 

Thanks again,

Chris Ross

Hello Maria, Thank you all you help with sending materials for my mother to Honduras. We are very pleased with the process and speed in which they were delivered. Thank you, Deborah Neiser

I want to express AHMEN’s gratitude for all your assistance.  Thank you for involving your staff in the US and in HN.   It is wonderful to deal with a group of professionals that understand the importance of charitable organizations like AHMEN and our work in Honduras.   Without your help, we would have not been able bring medical care to several remote areas of Honduras.  We treat hundreds of people and literally save many lives on these missions.  You and Dip Shipping deserve credit for affecting the lives of many poor people in Honduras.  Much of the materials we shipped will go to the Atlántida Hospital to improve the lives of the poor in La Ceiba.

Thank you sincerely for you help and cooperation.

With regards and appreciation,

Bruce McFadden

AHMEN Board of Directors

Team Leader


I just want to thank you and dip ship for doing such a fantastic job! I was talking with a friend of mine that has a house in the Bahamas and he was telling me about his horrible shipping experience, items missing, not being replaced, etc. I told him about dip ship and how wonderful my experience has been with your company. That I haven’t had anything missing/damaged and what great door to door service y’all provide. He now wishes y’all would provide service to the Bahamas.

Thank you again,

Keri Gordon

Flamingo House


I Shipped my entire Villa furniture using DIP Shipping out of their New Orleans location to Roatan. Everything  went as planned. Everything arrived on time and undamaged. Communicat ion was excellent (although I wish I spoke Spanish). Joni is Awesome! Everyone at the New Orleans location was friendly and helpful as well. I highly recommend DIP Shipping. Thanks for a GREAT first experience shipping to Roatan.

Dean Platt 


Great call last night and glad to hear things are gong well and the trampolines were received in time for you plans and our efforts.  Thanks to everyone who made this possible and a huge thank you to Ricky and all the staff at Skybound for pulling this off in record time.  I know it was a huge effort on everyone’s part and I want to acknowledge that!   

I was so happy to see the kids on the video today!!  Can’t wait to come and see them in action. We may not be there in person, but we are there in spirit.  


Hi Maria, I hope my note finds you well!

I just wanted to send a quick note, since we started sending more items through DIP again, we have been very happy with Joni, she is the best you’ve had on Roatan yet, and we’ve used you for a lot of years now. She has made a huge difference is our experience working with DIP again and I thought you should know.

We are also in customer service and typically only hear negative comments on our staff when the majority of the time our team is stellar at what they do. I know how good it feels when your staff is commended on a job well done (it makes the whole team feel good, when one get commended), just thought you’d like to know…

Thanks and we’ll be in touch soon with another book donation heading our way J


Hi Maria!

I wanted to let you know what an excellent job Miss Joni does here on Roatan! She is always on top of things, and always responds to my emails and questions without delay. Just wanted to make sure you knew what an excellent employee you have here in Roatan!


Wendy Flood


Hello Ms. Maria

My name is Randy Herman, my wife and I wanted to personally thank your company and your wonderful staff, especially Joni Mejia. Your company allowed us to get some donated school sports uniforms to Roatan Honduras inexpensively and in a timely manner. Not only did we use the standard shipping but we needed the rapid Air Freight Service you offer, 5 of the uniforms did not fit the boys basketball team. They required MENS LARGE not boys XL so we had less than a week to order uniforms, heat press logo/numbers, ship to Miami for your crew to get to Roatan by June 11th. It took less than a week to get our small package from Miami to the family in Roatan. The rush shipping was needed as the boys team made it to the National Championships and without a school uniform they could not attend or compete for this Championship. Something they worked hard to get to and it nearly ended in a sad way but because of your company and staff you made some dreams come true not only for the boys team but the girls also received 15 uniforms in the first shipment with the 15 boys uniforms. If it wasn’t for DIP SHIPPING we never would have been able to get the correct sized jerseys to the older boys who are actually a main part of the Championship team. We met this family when my wife and I were on our honeymoon, Elizabeth taught Christianity and Family Values at this school. In the past we’ve sent clothing and school supplies with other friends in a suitcase when they traveled to the island but now your service will allow us to send more items more often

We do what we can with what we have and being able to help or support some of these kids or families is a blessing for us

We are very pleased and satisfied with the quality of service Dip Shipping has provided us and knowing we have a TRUST WORTHY company we can send items to families and friends who need them is very special. So again Thank You for your company and Ms. Joni was also a true blessing she ALWAYS answered all of my questions and at the beginning I HAD A LOT OF THEM. She always got back to me in a timely manner even WAY AFTER normal hours I thought one person would have worked. So you have an A+++ rating in our eyes and please keep up the good work. Who knows maybe one day we will need to send a shipping container full of our house hold goods so we can move to the beautiful Island of Roatan

Yours Truly,

Randy & Terry Herman

Minnesota USA

Hello Maria, We are customers of Joni & had the pleasure of meeting her last evening when she delivered one of our shipments. We have received wonderful customer service from Joni & wanted to be certain you are aware of what an excellent employee she is. Her communication skills are very professional & extremely timely…she answers our questions thoroughly and provides us with all the information we need to make an informed decision about shipping. We look forward to future interaction with Joni and Dip…it is truly a pleasure doing business with your company,

Best regards, Karolyn Eastham

As always, we thank you for your great service.

A special good word about your new person in Roatan, she is so nice to deal with and great service.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year too.

Regards from Roatan.

Jaw & Brigitta Wong


Hi Lupe Just a short note to say thanks for your efforts which made our move successful. I sent a detailed report to Sherlly  — no problems. You have a great team — you have good reasons to be proud of them. Again, Thanks Paul & Linda


Hello Maria…..hope all is well with you, your family and Dip Shipping. I shipped a 20ft container of household goods with your help from Miami to Roatan for my new home there. Everything turned out great and I love my new «Dream Home» Hope you can see it some day.


Hi Jason, they did in fact show up two days later and the shipment was complete and it was much easier than I thought.  Let me know if you all need a recommendation or help with explaining how this stuff works.  The biggest obstacle is that I wanted prices before you knew how much volume and pounds and value we were talking about.  But it�s a good team and all went well.  The bed frame was inside the box I sent.  So it�s all accounted for and no damage.  The guys were great.  Thanks again.

Warm regards,


Thank you Olga G.,

That is a very reasonable policy, and we appreciate the support you have given us when we were trying to find a box.

We have ALWAYS found the box.  Your service has been excellent.




Hello Maria,

We received our shipment this morning, thank you.

I was kind of surprised to see Joni with the delivery truck, typically you dont get to see management? Nice touch!

Thanks and look forward to the next shipment.

Best Regards,




Hi Maria,

Just a short note to tell you how great the service was that I received from Joni and the rest of the DIP delivery team this morning.  While arranging details for delivery. I spoke with Joni several times over the phone and she was always courteous and polite – she even called back when she said she would, something you don’t always experience.




Thanks Dip Shipping for prompt delivery of my pallet and especially the fact  that my pallet was totally intact and not damaged in the least.  Great job Dip.  They were quick to answer all questions .  You  are my shippers from now on..

George L.

Roatan resident

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